1st Gen For Sale 2006 R53 for sale

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    I have owned this car for almost 10 years now and recent mini purchases have caused this car to sit unused (approximately 800 miles in the past year). This car has tons of modifications hence the price (really just want it to go to a good home, maybe someone who will take it to the track from time to time lol) The mileage will go up a little, I try to take it out once a week to keep it from sitting too long.

    currently has around 176600 miles, The mileage will go up a little, I try to take it out once a week to keep it from sitting too long.

    asking price is $5000

    Factory Options:
    HID headlights
    HK radio
    Heated seats
    3 button garage door opener on mirror

    WMW Race cam (idle raised to compensate for cam profile, cam can be finicky starting off a proper tune will fix this though)
    WMW quick tune
    WMW 15% reduction pulley
    Alta intake
    DDM intercooler diffuser
    Valeo Single mass clutch kit
    Quaife diff
    Drive shaft shop axles,
    WMW tensioner stop
    BSH lower motor mount
    TSW upper motor mount
    Poweflex urethane transmount insert
    Canton Racing coolant tank
    Screamin demon coil pack
    WMW plug wires
    Craven dipstick
    RMW header
    Stratmosphere exhaust (unresonated)
    Detroit Tuned BPV
    Hella lights
    Schroth quick fit harness
    Weighted shift knob
    M7 Strut tower bar with tower defenders
    Ireland engineering fixed camber plates
    Koni yellows
    Swift Racing springs
    Powerflex front control arm bushings
    Powerflex front sway bar bushings
    H-Sport Competition rear sway bar
    H-Sport rear lower control arms
    Stainless brake lines
    Tyrol sport brake stiffeners in the rear
    Wilwood 4 piston 11.75 front brakes
    WMW 15mm wheel spacers front
    WMW 5mm wheel spaces rear
    949 racing 6ul wheels, 15's
    lug bolts replaced with wheel studs
    John Cooper motorsport rear spoiler
    Rear wiper deleted
    Rear seat removed

    The bad:
    The paint has lots of rock chips in the hood and some other areas, I believe some detailers can fix this but from a distance you can't see them and I always viewed this as a car that should be driven not babied and put into car shows. (See pics).

    Hood struts are on their way out, whats odd is if I drive the car a bit they will hold it up no problem, if it sits for a while they won't hold.

    AC sounds like a hoover vacuum while driving still blows ice cold though. I've read mixed things on this while searching some say its normal others say its not, honestly can't remember a time when it wasn't somewhat noisy

    DICE audio Ipod adaptor works but only the aux input. The cable will charge an iPod (old school wide plug) but the wires are broken internally for the audio.

    Head unit volume knob fell apart the other day, several vendors sell the knob relatively cheap. Metal shaft still controls the radio fine though (steering wheel controls as well).

    Extra stuff included:
    All the rear seat hardware and back piece.
    Hatch flip cover
    Factory cam

    If asking price is received, I will throw in a new set of nitto neogens, bentley manual, and belt tensioner tool... maybe some other tools specific for this car as I find them.

    Have more pictures available, I exceeded the limit lol.

    20190817_102605.jpg 20190817_102431.jpg 20190817_102226.jpg 20190817_102204.jpg 20190817_102255.jpg 20190817_102305.jpg 20190817_102442.jpg 20190817_102453.jpg 20190817_102653.jpg

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    Good luck with your sale. That some high milage for 5 grand.
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    Nice R53!
  4. jeffster06

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    I'm aware, just one of those I don't need to sell it so this is my price, considering all I've done to it.
  5. jeffster06

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    Apr 23, 2010
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    Can't seem to figure out how to edit the original post.... car is no longer for sale... some stroke of luck I was able to offload my F56 instead :Thumbsup:
  6. wmwny

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    Honestly...WHO can beat an R53? You made a great decision in keeping yours, instead.

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