Articles from k-huevo

  1. Front Camber Adjustment/Nylon Stud Removal

    These cars need more negative front camber for anything other than straight line racing and driving. Increasing negative camber allows more even tire wear and improves lateral load traction. Here's a way to get a little FREE negative front camber. That is, nearly free; this is a built-in solution so there are no parts to buy, but you'll need an alignment after.
  2. Replace Strut Springs

    How To: Replace Strut Springs
  3. Placing 2nd Gen MINIs into Service Mode

    There are times when access to parts located on the front of the R56 engine, or service procedures, require the radiator support to be pulled forward. Examples include, cylinder head removal, transmission removal, turbo removal, auxiliary pump service, intercooler input tube replacement, and easier exhaust downtube access.
  4. R56 Clutch LSD Installation Overview

    Removing the sub frame, bumper cover, bumper, and placing the radiator support in service mode (or removal) is required to perform clutch replacement and/or LSD & ATB differential installation. Visit Chad Miller's how-to for control arm bushing replacement for sub frame and bumper cover/bumper removal.
  5. R53 Thermostat and Housing Installation

    Coolant leaking from the thermostat housing is a common problem. Most often it is the gasket around the coolant thermostat that has lost its seal. However, the gasket is not available without purchasing with the thermostat as a complete unit. Because the coolant thermostat housing is often deformed from repeated heat cycles, it is prudent to also replace the housing at the same time as the thermostat.