Articles from Minimania1

  1. Which Engine Oil for your MINI?

    MINI Engine Oil: Factory Recommends BMW Long-life rating LL-01 Approved Full Synthetic Oils for the US Market
  2. MINI Cooper EBC Brake Pad Application Guide

    Here is an application chart to help you find the correct EBC Brake Pad for your Mini Cooper and Cooper S.
  3. Are my car parts OEM, OES, Genuine, Aftermarket....or what??

    Here at MiniMania we take pride in offering the very best part options for your beloved Classic Mini, New MINI, Spridget and Morris Minor. But where do all our parts come from? We understand that it can get a little confusing at times with all the different options out there from.
  4. Which Wiper Blades are right for my MINI?

    Illustration/photos of the windshield wiper arms and wiper blades for your MINI Cooper. Match the image to the wipers on your MINI and voila. Easy Peasy. Then read how to change and replace. Great wiper removal and installation guide for the blades in your MINI.