Articles from Nathan

  1. R / F Code, What is it and What do they Signify

    MINI uses R Codes for the internal designation of the different designs. "R" is a hold over from the Rover days. In 2011 MINI added F codes as used by the parent company BMW for models after the R60 and beyond.
  2. Homelink Remote Installation

    Having recently moved the wife and I found ourselves burdened with a daily routine of opening two garage doors with two separate controllers. This routine consisted of reaching into the armrest and fumbling for the right garage door controller and then finding the correct button to press. As you can imagine the routine got old real quick. It didn’t take a lot of looking around to realize the price of an OEM Rear View Mirror with Homelink was expensive and used ones were and far and few...
  3. Texas Speedwerks X-Brace for the R50, 52 and 53

    When asked if I’d like to test the TSW product, I jumped at the chance. I’ve had other chassis stiffeners on the car before, and with 40,000 miles on the clock, a couple of things have happened. One, the car, an R52(convertible) has lost a little of it’s edge and smoothness with the accumulation of miles. Two, my posterior has developed a pretty good feel for what’s going on with the car as well. So with the ANSI calibrated smartness of my arse, and some tests to give real data, it was time...
  4. R55/56 Service Reset Procedure

    Service Menu Access:
  5. 1st Gen Gear Ratios - Manual Transmission

    The 1st generation MINI had two different gear ratios for manual transmissions. The split is with the June 2004 build cars. Those built up and including June 2004 are in the first Gear Ratio column, July 2004 to the end of 1st generation MINIs are in the second Gear Ratio column.
  6. MINI Acronyms

    Learn MINI Vocabulary and Acronyms. A running list of the Acronyms and nuances that MINI owners use.
  7. How To: Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line Installation Instructions

    The Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Feed Line Kit will fit both the N14 or N18 Prince Engine installed in all Cooper S's (R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60), in any year. This will solve the problem of the o-ring failure due to turbo heat.
  8. 1st Generation MINI ECU Codes Chart

    A complete list of the ECU Codes that your 1st Generation MINI may throw. Use these to help troubleshoot error codes and issues.
  9. MINI Engine Codes

    The following are the engine codes for all current MINI Cooper’s
  10. Midlands 5 Speed Overhaul Manual

    See attached PDF for instructions on the Overhaul of a MINI 5 Speed Midlands Transmission.