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  1. MINI Oil feed line replacement

    Another episode was sent out this morning of EricTheCarGuy's MINI Series. You'll be happy to know that I've been exchanging emails with him since he first got the car and that Detroit Tuned oil feed line suggestion was from yours truly. He also got some other repair bits from DT. Gotta help out the sponsors
  2. R56 Front End Disassembly

    In this video EricTheCarGuy shows a front end disassembly. Headlight removal, windshield washer fluid tank removal, front bumper removal, wheel arch removal, intercooler removal, crash bar removal, radiator/radiator support removal.
  3. EricTheCarGuy- R56 Battery Replacement

    This video is a How-To on battery replacement for an R56. NOTE-You may or may not need to register your battery after re-installation. I registered mine using the Carly for BMW app. You can drive the car w/o registering the battery (I wouldn't advise driving it for several days) if you want to take it somewhere to have it registered.
  4. EricTheCarGuy- R56 seat and carpet removal

    I've followed this guy for years and he's helped me out countless times. He recently bought an 07 R56 S and has started The MINI Series. These videos will help all sorts of unfortunate 2nd Gen owners. This video is a how-to on seat and carpet removal. In this case they're being removed due to water getting into the car. Removal- Installation-
  5. R56 Coolant Expansion Tank Replacement

    Tools Needed: -Flat head screw driver -Pliers -Star bit for the fastener, most of these cars have a hex head bolt -If you don't have a fluid sucker outer, you could siphon it out but I wouldn't recommend that........ Suck out the coolant out after your engine is cooled down- Remove the bolt securing the tank and use your pliers to slide down the clamp, the hose pulls off very easy- With the top hose removed, lift up on the tank to get at the bottom hose, take your pliers and pull the...
  6. MC40 on Wheeler Dealers

    Love this show, and super excited to see them build a "new" MINI! (must have a MT account to view) [URL][/URL]
  7. R56 Manual Transmission Fluid Change

    Super simple DIY. This guy isn't the most exciting mechanic to watch but he get's the job done. I didn't use any of the products he used/showed. Drained old fluid into an oil pan, filled with a hand pump till it ran out the fill hole. I had the car jacked up, after the fluid came out the top hole, I lowered it so level and let any excess fluid drain into pan then jacked it back up to reinstall fill hole bolt. Tools- 7mm Allen socket and ratchet Fluid Pump-...
  8. N18 Seafoam treatment from Detroit Tuned

    Not really a how to, more so an FYI and it seems VERY simple. Came across this whilst perusing the DT website the other day and thought it'd be a good thing to stick on here. They say "by doing this with every oil service, you will not need a carbon blast down the road, and you car will not loose performance over time because of build up!" After I get my intake valves cleaned this year at the Dragon I'm going to start using this as preventative maintenance. They provide instructions....
  9. Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

    If you have access to one, get out a compressor and blow out around the valve cover and those 2 bolt holes in the middle of the valve cover. This will save you some clean up time.
  10. Koni FSD's

    It's time to consider some new struts for the ol' girl. I've landed on some Koni FSD's and am wondering if anyone has any insight before I pull the trigger. I plan on staying at stock ride height and want something slightly better than stock. [URL][/URL]