Articles from RonsMinnie

  1. Homemade Brake Bleeder Tool

    How to build your own brake bleeder tool using common items. This includes a parts list from Home Depot and Pep Boys and instructions for how to build it.
  2. Door panel removal and Exterior handle replacement

    First, thanks to Arron Cornaby at for his instructions on how to remove the upholstered panel, without this I would not have attempted the install. Another huge thank you for Recardo Ribero Recardo who is a tech at Momentum Mini who took time from his day off to explain the install to me.
  3. Front brake pad replacement (Gen2)

    MINI Brake Pad Installation Changing your brake pads is a very rewarding DIY project. This tutorial focuses specifically on giving you the complete picture on how to replace your OEM pads and Brake Pad sensor for the front axle. After you've done this yourself, changing the rotors or upgrading to aftermarket pads is a breeze!
  4. Replace springs-shocks-struts (Gen2)

    Safety should be PARAMOUNT in this work! Insure that car is secure on stands before getting under the Mini. Wear safety glasses when working under the Mini! If you are not sure it is safe do not do it. This is not your typical beginner project.
  5. Joey Mod for your Gen2

    The “Joey Mod” has been around for a while – don’t know who thought it up or the first to have nerve enough to do it but, thanks to tips, posts and comments from a lot of MINIacs, here is how I did my mod.
  6. How To: Replace the front control arm bushing without removing the subframe

    Replace the front control arm bushing without removing the subframe This article provided the final piece of the puzzle, with the idea of using the 3-jaw puller to remove the bushing from the control arm. No special tools are required for this install (the 3-jaw puller can be purchased or rented inexpensively at most auto supply or tool stores).