Articles from Steve

  1. Merry MINIs on the Mountain Offers Curve-Chasing Fun!

    More than 25 MINIs zipped around switchback curves, blew though brightly colored leaves that sprinkled the road, and raced up steep inclines to the highest point in Arkansas. The whine of superchargers echoed through the valleys on that bright fall morning in November as MINI enthusiasts gathered in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains for the state’s premier MINI event. The drivers, who came from across the mid-South, relished the opportunity to soak up the spectacular fall colors, enjoy sweeping...
  2. MINIs on the Dragon 2008

    I’ve heard stories from people who claim The Dragon as one of the best roads to let your inner-driver lose on. As a first timer to “MINIs On The Dragon” I’d have to agree. I drove over 2000 miles from Los Angeles, CA, to Fontana Dam, NC, to check it out for myself. Not only was this my first time on the 311 curves of U.S. Route 129, it was also my first time driving across the country. Crazy to most people, but it proved to be one hell-of-a-trip!
  3. An Introduction to Water/Alcohol Injection Systems

    There is no question that Water/Alcohol Injection (WAI) is a valuable tool in the tuner’s arsenal for obtaining more power from an engine. The main benefit of these systems is knock suppression and reduced intake air temperatures (IATs). The combination of these items can result in more power through the capability of increased ignition advance and reduced exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs).
  4. Gen1 Justacooper Exhaust System Reference

    I am a proud first generation Cooper (non-S) owner and I’ve spent a lot of time and energy looking for a replacement exhaust system I could be happy with. Six systems, a handful of custom modifications and far too many dollars later I’m finally satisfied...nearly. Hey, I’m picky...and a little obsessive...I suppose. I also avoided the bigger brand names because I wanted something different, which may have played a part in prolonging my extensive and expensive journey. If you’ve spent any...
  5. R50 & R53 Oil Service

    How-to guide for an oil service for an R50 or R53 MINI. It’s always best to do an oil change on a hot engine as the hot oil will drain better and give you a more complete oil change. Caution must be used to prevent burns from hot fluids. Rubber gloves, work gloves, and safety glasses are all recommended for this job. Any time you are under the car, a jack stand must be used. You should never rely on just the jack to hold the weight of the car up while you are under it.
  6. Resetting the MINI Oil Indicator

    You will find this useful if you do your own oil changes. Keep in mind you should wait until your factory service expires, since resetting the indicator may lead the dealer to deny oil changes since the indicator does not indicate an oil change is due.
  7. Mini Safety Recalls

    This article provides information about official US safety recalls for the modern MINI. We intend to keep it up to date over time
  8. R56 Service Items And Intervals Overview

    R56 Service Items and Intervals Overview
  9. How To: Replace Thermostat, Housing And Gasket (R50)

    While doing some other work I decided to hunt down a long standing but very slow coolant leak. I followed the fluid stains up from under the car into the engine bay and eventually asked for some consensus on the forum. You can see the brief discussion and some excellent advice here.