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  1. MINIs on the Dragon 2019 May 1st - May 5th

    MINIs on the Dragon is a great event hosted at the Fontana Village in North Carolina. Surrounding Fontana are great driving roads including the famous "Dragon". This article provides information about our sponsorship and key event links and dates including registration, event home page, etc.
  2. Deciding Vini's future is as stressful as real responsibility

    Vini S. Cooper is about to turn five, or about seventeen in car years. He's racked up 70,000 miles and certainly seen his share of the country. His birthday is December 10th; I know this because his build date is engraved on his Whalen shift knob. Is that weird? Maybe, but I've always treated Vini more like family and less like heartless transportation.
  3. The Track Experience 1: Intro

    Many of you that have a performance car, such as the MINI, may have wondered how to exploit its performance in a safe environment. Because of the uncertainties of street driving, it is unsafe to drive your car anywhere near its full performance capabilities. Let’s face it, the street environment is full of hazards and we all must exercise defensive driving to avoid falling victim to them.
  4. The Track Experience 2: The Track Experience

    The previous article in this series introduced you to the track environment and gave you an idea of what it will be like to attend a track day. Now it’s time to actually do it and this article will explore further what to expect. NOTE: Not Every HPDE is run as described below, you will see regional and club differences.
  5. New York MINI Social, Motoring Alliance, GP3 Concept... yea!

    Motoring Alliance was invited to the “MINI Social” in New York to preview the new GP3 JCW Concepts car, Classic Mini Electric concept, MINI Electric Prototype and spend time with the MINI John Cooper Works Racing team operated by LAP Motorsports.
  6. MINI at the New York International Auto Show 2018.

    British premium car manufacturer presents its whole range of current models and a concept study inspired by racing at the New York International Auto Show 2018.
  7. The Track Experience 3: What You Learned From Your First Track Day

    The previous article covered a typical first track day and presented a series of photographs that illustrated how a car is positioned to negotiate the turns on the track. This article builds on those concepts...
  8. The Track Experience 4: Improving Your Technique

    The Track Experience 4: Improving Your Technique by Graham Chandler Photos by the Author Diagrams by Chris Amatulli In my last article, I reviewed the various experiences you may have had at your first track day. In addition, I passed along some tips to help you drive smoothly and optimize your driving line and technique around the track. This article’s goal is to make you even better while maintaining our safety goals. I’ll use the same step-at-a-time style to examine the following...
  9. The Track Experience 5: End of Season Wrap-Up

    When this series of articles started you were a complete track experience rookie. So, how do you feel now? I can tell you how I felt some years ago. At that time I had experienced only the usual 15,000 miles a year driving on the street for a total of around a half million miles.
  10. MINI Paint Colors

    Here is a chart which outlines all the different MINI Cooper Paint Colors.
  11. MINIs Invade Helen, GA - 2008

    Officially dubbed in 2008 as “MINIs in Kleine Deutschland, USA” -- or as it translates into in English “MINIs in small Germany” -- because of Helen’s theme as a sleepy German hamlet, the February 23rd/24th 2008 regional MINI gathering started as a simple idea to get a few MINIs together from various clubs for a weekend retreat. The idea quickly grew into a major southeast event which afforded MINI owners from all over South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee the...
  12. MetroplexMINI Takes the Lake - the 4th Annual Poker Run

    When it comes to combining motoring, eating, raising money for charity, winning prizes and springing a surprise, it is hard to find a group that does it better than the MetroplexMINI owners and enthusiasts club of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In mid October, about 70 club members and guests participated in MetroplexMINI Takes the Lake – the 4th Annual Poker Run. This year the 48-mile course had drivers navigating the twisty roads encircling Lake Grapevine, just northwest of DFW airport. The...
  13. We are talking about PRACTICE

    Allow me some words from atop the soapbox, figure somewhere around 1,000, give or take. You no doubt read Brian Morgan's feature on a recent Tire Rack Teen Street Survival Program, held in northern New Jersey for the children of BMW and MINI employees. You no doubt said to yourself, “Wow, that is an experience my teenager should have.” Or, if you're still mingling in the teen years, you might have said, “Bah, that's lame,” or something to that effect. Whatever you said to yourself, hear...
  14. V-Maxx coil-over suspension kit for 2002+ MINI

    Coil-over suspension systems have a well-deserved stereotype of being the rich-man’s suspension upgrade. They offer lots of adjustability [depending on the model you choose], supercar performance and show-car looks. V-Maxx enters this rare air with a $649 price point, which is about the same as a damper rebuild service for high-end systems. Their low price point brings coil-over aesthetics and performance to the real world where most car enthusiasts can realistically slot them in their short...
  15. Motoring Alliance returns to MINIs on the Dragon 2018 (MOTD)

    I'm happy to announce, Motoring Alliance returns to being a sponsor of MINI's on the Dragon (MOTD) 2018! MOTD