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All About MINI Coopers

  1. General "How To" Which Wiper Blades are right for my MINI?

    Illustration/photos of the windshield wiper arms and wiper blades for your MINI Cooper. Match the image to the wipers on your MINI and voila. Easy Peasy. Then read how to change and replace. Great wiper removal and installation guide for the blades in your MINI.
  2. All about MINI MINI Paint Colors

    Here is a chart which outlines all the different MINI Cooper Paint Colors.
  3. All about MINI A basic guide to Spark Plugs.

    Ok guys, I see the same questions asked over and over about spark plug selection and fitment, so I hope this information below helps.
  4. All about MINI An Introduction to Water/Alcohol Injection Systems

    There is no question that Water/Alcohol Injection (WAI) is a valuable tool in the tuner’s arsenal for obtaining more power from an engine. The main benefit of these systems is knock suppression and reduced intake air temperatures (IATs). The combination of these items can result in more power...
  5. All about MINI R / F Code, What is it and What do they Signify

    MINI uses R Codes for the internal designation of the different designs. "R" is a hold over from the Rover days. In 2011 MINI added F codes as used by the parent company BMW for models after the R60 and beyond.
  6. All about MINI MINI Acronyms

    Learn MINI Vocabulary and Acronyms. A running list of the Acronyms and nuances that MINI owners use.
  7. All about MINI Mini Safety Recalls

    This article provides information about official US safety recalls for the modern MINI. We intend to keep it up to date over time
  8. All about MINI Owners Manuals - Mini Cooper 2002-2018

    Official PDF version of all Owner's Manuals by year from 2002-2018
  9. All about MINI MINI Engine Codes

    The following are the engine codes for all current MINI Cooper’s
  10. All about MINI Winter Driving Tips

    It's that time of year! Here are a few techniques and advice we've all needed and used, hope it's helpful, I've culled these from a bunch of other threads & knowledge, not trying to come off as a know-it-all, but passing along knowledge from all over.