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2nd Gen "How To" Joey Mod for your Gen2

The “Joey Mod” has been around for a while – don’t know who thought it up or the first to have nerve enough to do it but, thanks to tips, posts...
  1. RonsMinnie
    Joey Mod for your Gen2

    by Ron Pickett (aka RonsMinnie)

    The “Joey Mod” has been around for a while – don’t know who thought it up or the first to have nerve enough to do it but, thanks to tips, posts and comments from a lot of MINIacs, here is how I did my mod.

    Remove the headlight – 4 bolts and unplug by squeezing the connector sides.

    Remove both bulbs (twist to release) and place in preheated 200 degree oven for 6 minutes.

    Remove from oven carefully wearing gloves. Using plastic pry tools separate the clear lens from the black base.
    CAREFULLY – PATIENTLY & PERSISTENTLY work your way around the light, unclipping the plastic clips as you work your way around the light. After getting a small gap between the lenses and base I “cooked” the light again for 6 minute at 200 degrees. This glue is very sticky and will test your patience, work slowly around and around the light till it separates.


    Remove chrome trim ring (four screws).

    Paint as per you preference.
    Most Joey Mods are “blackouts” where the chrome ring and the turn signal bezel are painted. I chose to paint only the chrome rim with the body color. Rough-up the surfaces to be painted with steel wool or green Scotch Brite pad. Use adhesion promoter primer or paint designed for plastic. Be very carefully with all visual surfaces not scratching or leaving adhesives.

    Next bake the painted pieces for 10 minutes at 150 degrees. Then reattached the trim rings with the 4 screws to the base.

    Next both the lenses and the assembled base were baked again for 6 minutes at 200 degrees to soften the black glue for reassembly. I used two ovens – If I only had one I would have softened the base as it had the majority of the glue.

    Remove the lens and base and carefully press them together and fasten all the clips. It sure helps to have a helper in this process. Do not forget the gloves. I used a plastic clamp to assist in squeezing these together. Then I used clear silicone around the joint to insure a complete seal.

    Reinstall bulb and remount on the MINI --- Here is the completed “JOEY MOD”

    Original Source

    Written by: RonsMinnie, Mar 31, 2010,

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