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2nd Gen "How To" Move the Bluetooth Microphone

A few people have commented on how the microphone for the Bluetooth phone kit is on the wrong (passenger) side of the car in the US. A few others...
  1. Sully
    Move the Bluetooth Microphone
    by COOP310​

    A few people have commented on how the microphone for the Bluetooth phone kit is on the wrong (passenger) side of the car in the US. A few others have moved it to the correct side. I decided to do just that yesterday and thought that I would post some pics. It's a pretty easy mod and I hope that it is just as easy to follow along.

    1. The first step is to remove the trim piece that covers the microphone (the one in front of the switch pack. To do this, simply run a spudger or small flathead screwdriver between the trim piece and the headliner. A small amount of prying may be necessary, but not so much that you would damage either piece. The microphone itself is mounted to this piece. It is simply held in place by a small tab. Release the tab and pull towards it then up. You will also want to remove the wire that connects to the microphone.


    2. The next step is to remove the holder underneath the trim piece. This is the plastic part that also houses the switch pack. It is held in place by two star shaped screws (I forget what they are called) and six tabs. After removing the two screws simply push the tabs toward the middle of the console and pull down.


    3. After you have lowered the switch pack, simply re-route the cable to the left side of the piece. I routed it through the larger hole in the photo to ensure that the wire was long enough to reach the microphone without being too tight.


    4. Now it's time for re-assembly. Re-mount the switch pack by sliding the switch side in first, making sure that the front tabs catch the ring above the headliner. Snap in the six tabs around the rest of the piece and replace the screws. Plug the wire into your newly right-sided microphone and snap the trim piece back into place.

    Don't forget to check to make sure everything works before you motor again! Enjoy!

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    Written by: COOP310, May 17, 2009,

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