2nd Gen "How To" R55/56 Service Reset Procedure

Service Menu Access:
By Nathan · Jan 30, 2018 ·
  1. Nathan
    R55/56 Service Reset Procedure

    Service Menu Access:

    1. Insert Key
    2. Do not press clutch and/or brake
    3. Press Start button
    4. Wait until the relevant Service symbol disappears on the Rev counter display
    5. Immediately after the symbol goes out - Press and hold Both buttons on the Rev Counter
    6. Continue to hold - The system will run a dash light check
    7. Continue to hold - Display will then show VIN / Menu.
    8. Continue to hold through this until the time reappears on the display.
    9. Release ONLY the Right Button (Trip Reset) for about a second, and then press and hold again (whilst still holding the LH button).
    10. The display will show the Front Brake Symbol. You are now in the Service Menu
    11. Using the BC Button on the indicator stalk to scroll through to the relevant symbol - i.e. Rear Brakes

    12. To Reset the warning indicator light - Press & Hold the BC Button at the relevant symbol until RESET appears - then press and hold again until the process is complete.

    13. Turn Off and On the Ignition again - Warning should now have gone.

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    Written by: Nathan, Dec 18, 2009,

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