the old pics ( rough fit check)

these pics were taken at the body shop and after the ride was delivered to my garage. It was then disassembled and many details added,painstakingly for the next three years. Tho i catch some grief from our proud site owner sometimes on the 78 miles that have been accumulated in that 3 years..I have declared the car a trailer queen , and in its entire lifetime it has never actually been driven in the rain, so the car is a weather whimp. I will by the end , due to a new camera and just a set of refitted skirts left to be installed, be saying DONE! soon. to both the car, and the photo montage. This was a tome on what one does when you have all ready dropped a big wad on a ride , then kaboom...It is a reckoning, and a huge , "where do we go from here". I hope some of you enjoy the story.

oldskool, Oct 10, 2010
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