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Model (Legacy):
Color (Legacy):
Electric Blue
Started modding BLUCOOPR before it even left the Ship. Started showing it in 2006 and so far have won 36 trophies and placques. 4 Best of Shows, Concours d' Elegance Best Overall and Best Performance Mods. Will probably retire her end of 2009 and start another MINI project. Now if I could just get my hands on F1 Mini.
Exterior Mods:
Custom paint and Chrome. 1st Photo Top of Pikes Peak, Colorado for 4th time. 2nd top of Mt Evans, Colorado for 8th time, 4 daytime and 4 midnight runs.
Interior Mods:
Custom Blue and White Leather Seats and Rear Seat Deleat Kit
Drivetrain Mods:
Revolution Header, Borla Exhaust, M-7 CAI, M-7 DFIC, M-7 16% Pulley, M-7 Strut Tower Brace, Texas Motor Engine Damper, Detriot Tuned By Pass Valve, TMST under engine Brace, MiniBiotch Skull Eyes, DDM Polished Air Box
Suspension Mods:
Upgraded rear sway bar, everything else is stock
Wheels and Tires:
NITTO Gens 215 45 17 tires and custom painted R-98 wheels
Pikes Peak Dirt

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