R53 Cooper S Bob's yr uncle

Model Year:
Body style:
Chassis Code:
General Color:
MINI Color Name:
  • History:
    Second owner
  • Drivetrain Mods:
    * Mechanical gauge senders fitted into water hose, oil filter housing, and bulkhead fitting of oil pan
    * 15% WMW pulley
    * Milltek full system, resonated, ceramic coated
    * Rat rod oil catch can made from old Bardahl oil can, steel wool, fittings
    * JCW air cleaner
    * ATI 0% damper pulley
    Suspension Mods:
    * AutoXCooper strut tower plates
    * AutoXCooper k-brace
    *Powerflex poly lower control arm bushings
    Wheels and Tires:
    * Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 205/45R17
    * LA wheels, silver, rashed
  • Packages:
    Exterior Mods:
    * Stubby antenna
    * Front mudguards
    Rear fog light (needs dealer flash)
    * 4x Wipac stainless lights, two wired for factory function. Other two will be on a separate switch.
    *Chrome grill
    Interior Mods:
    * Driver's parcel shelf
    * Smith's gauges on Cravenspped pods: oil pressure/water temp, oil temp, and boost
    * Auxiliary gauges panel for center console, voltage and clock
    * New toggle panel with rear fog.
    *Chrome bezels on tach & speedo
  • Ice Mods:
    *Click & Clack, that's about it.

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