R55 Clubman S & JCW Carmen the LegoMINI

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  • History:
    First, you have to understand the MINI. These cars are, in a word, fun. Their precise handling and zippyness make them fun to drive, especially on twisty roads. Being involved in local car clubs is a blast. We get together for scenic drives and other exciting events. Most of all these cars are perfect for "You-ification", as the company itself says. In other words, they scream for personalization like no other car on the market. Park one thousand MINIs all in a row and I challenge you to find two that are exactly alike. Between performance modifications, aesthetic mods and the little bits and baubles available through the many MINI-only accessory vendors, every MINI lets a little bit of its owner shine through.

    Now onto our version of "You-ification". This being the fourth MINI in our family (but my wife's first), we knew we wanted it to have a "theme" of sorts. She is not yet into the performance mods but she did want to give it a unique look. We are huge Star Wars fans in this house, but nothing Star Wars related seemed to fit a red MINI Clubman. Besides, my last MINI was red and dubbed Darth Maul, complete with hood graphics of the Sith lord and personalized plates. She wanted something of her own.

    A few months after we bought the car, we took a trip to Orlando to visit Universal. We had to take both cars since we had our two kids as well as my daughter from a previous marriage. The night before we left for home, we visited the LEGO store near Disney World. As usual, we were fascinated with these little plastic interlocking blocks and marveled at their elegant simplicity. We all had a blast (and spent far too much money). The next day on the 8-hour drive back home my wife hatched the plan to create the LEGO MINI. She had the baby in the car with her, and I had the older and more talkative children in my car, so she had plenty of time to think. She envisioned the entire project from start to finish, and by the time we got home she was ready for action. And it happened just about exactly like she planned, and the results are even better than we expected.
  • Drivetrain Mods:
    ALTA CAI (self-install)
    Craven STDs (self-install)
    Wheels and Tires:
    Yokohama YK580 205/55 R16
  • Packages:
    Premium, Cold Weather
    Exterior Mods:
    Custom "Lego" Graphics
    Complete chrome black-out
    Bonnet stripes

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