MINI da Trailer

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I've been having camping dreams for several years now. I was unemployed during MOTD 2009 and my wife told me to get myself out there at the last minute, so I found a campsite to share, borrowed a tent and solidified the camping bug.

I've been trolling the eBay trailer listings since then and stumbled across this trailer for a price that I never imagined that I'd see for these units, so I drove from Dallas to Tennessee to pick it up. It had 1 year of previous ownership on it and it doesn't even look like it was used (the mattress was still wrapped in plastic!)

I wanted something that was a bit more lux than camping in a tent. I also wanted something that was easier to deal with for regular use... a kit that didn't have to be assembled and packed up every time you wanted to go out. While growing up, my parents usually had a class C motorhome (20-ish feet long with a bed over the van nose/motor). I wanted something like that, where you could be a bit spontaneous. Something that could contain all of your camping gear and be ready to go in short order... just pack a cooler and go!
Exterior Mods:
Here's a quick walk-around video of the trailer while I was at a DE event at MSR Cresson, just south of Fort Worth, TX.

Interior Mods:
6000 BTU AC that can be powered by an electrical connection (shore power) or a Yamaha 2000IS generator.
Drivetrain Mods:
I fabricated a custom awning and rain-fly system to give me a 7'x7' or so area (plus the area under the angled walls) for dry storage, cooking, hanging-out, etc.

Also, for Generator fuel, I mounted a Rotopax locking 3gal gas tank on the side.
Suspension Mods:
MINI Do-More Hitch

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