MINI Diablita

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  • History:
    Well, it all started in Las Vegas at AMVIV5 in 2008. I didn't have a MINI & was thinking of getting one. A close family friend of mine lives out there and owns a MINI himself. He suggested I come out to AMVIV and take a look at the MINI's to see if I wanted one.

    Well, I took my 3 boys out of school for 2 days so my hubby, my boys and I could make a fun trip out of "looking" at these cool cars. Well, the first day we got there my oldest son eyed a spectacular 2006 Cool Blue MINI w/the Wide Orciari body kit ... I instantly knew THAT was the type of MINI I wanted! I spent the next couple days talking to the owner (Everardo Valadez) about what went into making his MINI so unique. By day 3 of bending his ear about his MINI, I had decided I wanted to get a MINI ... but only if I could get it to look like his! I sheepishly, half joking, asked him if he would mind "helping" me with the ordering and aftermarket add-on's to help me achieve the look he had ... well, I guess he figured I was kidding or wouldn't really go thru with it ... so he said "Sure". He ended up winning "Most Extreme MINI" that year at AMVIV --- I knew I had selected well!

    I went back home to So Cal & by May 2008 my MINI was on order ... Everardo helped with my Dealer MINI order & all the aftermarket mods, like ordering the body kit, fabrication of the custom spoiler & windscreen (which are his own creations), dealing with the wheel off-set requirements for the wide body kit, etc...

    By September my MINI had arrived at the Dealer! I put the 1st 4000 miles on her before I drove her 8 hours to Everardo's house in Northern California in January 2009. That is where I handed over my new baby girl to him to help get the body kit, wheels, and some of the original mods added.

    By early March 2009, I flew back up North to pick up my beautifully appointed girl in time to bring her out to AMVIV6 for her own debut. I met up with Everardo and we displayed "the twins" together during the event.

    Since AMVIV6 in March 2009, I have attended some shows with her & won a few awards. It is fun showing her off! In June 2009 I met up and went on a run with the West Coast Mini (WCM) club here in San Diego. I went on my first official "run" and learned that "Diablita" was more than just a pretty car. I learned what a MINI is made to do ..... play in the twisties!

    In December 2009 I participated in my first AUTOCROSS event. I actually won in the MINI Cooper Class! I was hooked! Now I am struggling to balance the fine line between Show Queen & Autocross Queen.

    Since my first run with WCM, I was hooked on performance mods. I still have a few more list of wishes, and I am working within my MOD budget one month at a time to get it all done!

    Thank you for taking the time to check "Diabilta" out!
  • Drivetrain Mods:
    Factory JCW Tuning
    Anniversary Edition Black Chrome M7 Strut Tower Bar
    Red Alta Air Intake Hose
    Lower Engine Mount Bushing
    Red Way Motor Works Air Plate Diverter
    Resonator delete Exhaust Mod
    Alta JCW Air Filter
    Carbon Fiber Engine Damper
    Suspension Mods:
    H-Sport Front Camber Plates
    H-Sport Adjustable Rear Camber Links
    H-Sport Competition Rear Sway Bar
    H-sport Competition Front Sway Bar
    Powerflex A-arm bushings
    Wheels and Tires:
    18" x 8" high polish chrome rims with custom color matched inserts
    Aluminum Hub Rings
    Sumitomo 215/40 18" Tires
  • Packages:
    Factory JCW, Sport, Premium, Cold Weather, Convenience
    Exterior Mods:
    Horns & Tails
    Orciari Wide Body Kit
    Custom Rear Spoiler
    Red Bullet Antenna
    Power Folding Mirrors
    Rear Fog Lamp
    Factory Alarm System
    Interior Mods:
    Custom Windscreen
    In Dash Navigation System
    JCW Illuminated Door Sills
    Chili Red Door panels and dash trim
    Chili Red Shift Knob
    JCW Gear Shift Indicator LED System
    Panther Black Leather Interior
    Heated Seats
    DriveCam fleet video recording
    Ian Cull's Auto-Up Circuit
    FES-Auto Top Commander (double press Convertible Auto Up/Down circuit)
    FES InvisaShield (Anti-Glare Replacement Gauge Lenses)
  • Ice Mods:
    StreetGlow underbody LED Light kit (okay, not IN-car entertainment, but it IS ON-car entertainment)
    Factory IPod Interface
    Air Intake 6" Red LED light strip
    Hardwired Valentine 1 Detector (lol ... it sorta is entertainment with all it's pretty pretty lights and sounds ... he he he)
    Schroth RED 4 Point Racing Harness

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