MINI DragonButt

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    The story goes...

    My wife always knew I had a love for MINI Coopers since I drove an old retired Marine's classic MKII for the first time when I was a teenager. I never owned one. One day, she said we are at a good point in our lives and I could purchase another vehicle. One that we could have some fun with.

    I found a 2013 JCW GP for sale at a decent price and wanted to purchase it. My wife's initial impression was that it would be alright. After further analysis she exclaimed,"You're not getting a race car!" And that was that. We really didn't talk about it that much.

    A few months later, she had to go to New York. Before she left she said, "I have a MINI coming in for you to look at over at CARMAX, if you like it, then we'll talk about buying it." I asked,"Is it a GP?" She shook her head,"No, but just take a look at it. We're not under any obligations." "I probably won't like it." I replied. "Just go take a look at it."

    The car came into the local CARMAX. I ran the VIN every site I checked said it was a legit JCW. (Up until this point, I've seen a lot of Cooper S with the JCW Aerokit or just the performance package.) I took it for a spin and loved it! I thought it was a good compromise from not being a GP. I bought it a couple of days after.

    When I took it home, I had to think of a name. However, as I was detailing it that weekend, I discovered that the MINI already had a name. Written on the door, there is a name sticker. And on that sticker, in faded Sharpie was the word "DragonButt." Who am I to rename something that already has a name?

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    • 5/5/19 - Installed the M7 Speed Intercooler Charge Pipe / Muffler Delete. It was a pain in the ass to remove the stock parts. Installation of the M7 Speed pipe was easy.
    • 4/27/19 - Came in 2nd place in the MINI category at the Trident Tech Spring Spin-Off Car Show.
    • 4/25/19 - Finished putting the final coat of wax on the car. There is only so much lipstick I can put on this pig. Just getting ready for the Spring Spin-Off car show on 4/27/19.
    • 4/21/19 @ 1301 EST - Finished polishing and waxing the ride. Has a mirror like shine to it now.
    • 4/20/19 @ 1327 EST - Finished cleaning the rims. They look as good as they could be. Unfortunately, the previous owner didn't care for them in the same manner I would. Tried to install the M7 Turbo Muffler Delete pipe. Got stuck trying to remove the stock muffler. Can't seem to figure out a way to remove the bolt that holds the stock muffler.
    • 4/20/19 @ 0844 EST - About to pull the rims off DragonButt and clean them and the wheel wells.
    • 4/19/19 - Currently prepping DragonButt for an upcoming car show. She's been in the cave pretty much all winter.
  • Drivetrain Mods:
    • AEM Cold Air Intake System
    • M7 Tuning Heat Shield
    • M7 Tuning Turbo Muffler Delete Pipe
    Wheels and Tires:
    • Black JCW Challenge
  • Exterior Mods:
    • Grille Badges
    • GP Rear Diffuser
    • Chrome Hood Scoop (not sure if stock, but can't find an option for it)
    Interior Mods:
    • Chrome Trim
    • Would like to replace the seats with OEM Lounge Leather

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