Evil E

  • History:
    Wife's car, Her first. Just learned to drive at 38 and she is tearing up the road! This car is a bit of a mystery. I am third owner, first owner did some modifications, Second owner had know idea what what was done. I am investigating it now to determine what has been done and what is left for me to do.
  • Drivetrain Mods:
    Intercooler Alta Air Diverter V2, Screamin Demon Hi Po Coil Pack, Live Wire spark plug wires, K&N performance Air filter, RedStuff brake pads... maybe more?
    Suspension Mods:
  • Exterior Mods:
    front lower grill replaced with some sort of aluminum grill with Horizontal lines.
    Interior Mods:
    Black leatherette?
  • Ice Mods:
    Kenwood Cd/Dvd player, Sat radio, Navigation, bluetooth

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