MINI FairLady

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    This car was given to me by my dad when i was in early high school back when we were still on talking terms. I figured out what was wrong with it but never got the money to fix it. Then left for the army. There it sat for years. A high school friend spent years trying to get me to sell it to him. Finally he got to me, didnt sell it to him though... But gave it to him under the condition that he doesnt scrap it and to let me get a lap in it once its finished. Fast forward 5 more years or so. Im passing through on vacation and he tells me... All he did over the years was move it to his families land but never got time to fix it and probably never will. He remembered I asked him not to scrap it and asked me if I wanted it. Went and bought me a trailer the next day loaded it up, and dragged it back to Kansas. Come to find out, when my dad bought it, the guy signed the wrong part of the title. Since that guy had long since passed away, only way to get the title fixed and into my name was to go through the court system. While Im debating the cost side of that, a limb falls on it while sitting on the trailer in the yard... Gave it to a guy with a shop that wants it here locally. Still hopefully I will see it on the road one day...

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