Other Fiona

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9-3 Convertible
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Unplanned purchase... Took the Clubman in for some warranty work. While I was waiting, this one caught my eye. Test drove it, but what really made me do it was the trade in quote for the Mini was just shy $1k over what I paid for it a few months back @ about 20k fewer miles.

In the three weeks I owned it, added an after market sound system. Bluetooth, Navigation,Subwoofers,reverse camera, DVD, USB. Mostly the add-on was a last ditch effort to make it enjoyable before I decided to cut my loses and trading it for my high school dream car, an 05 Pontiac GTO.
Exterior Mods:
The one of the trunk was taking out my subwoofers after the deal was made... the car with the red interior to the right is the GTO I traded for.

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