Make (Legacy):
Year (Legacy):
Model (Legacy):
Cooper S
Color (Legacy):
Purple Haze/Black
Mine all mine, since 2005!
Ice Mods:
Driving is all the entertainment I need. And maybe some Pandora.

With that said, I do have a pretty groovy Soundgate M2 mount for my iPhone and other devices.
Sport, Cockpit Chrono Pack
Exterior Mods:
Red spaced pin bonnet and boot stripes from Aesthetic Creations
15% tint all the way around
Interior Mods:
Space gray fabric...whoopee. Still like the dark/light contrast, just a PITA to keep clean. Plan to add some red accents to the dash/door panels.
Suspension Mods:
M7 Strut Brace
Ireland Engineering Fixed Camber Plates
Powerflex Control Arm Bushings
Wheels and Tires:
Black S-lites for now...
Bridgestone Potenza G019

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