Make (Legacy):
Year (Legacy):
Model (Legacy):
Color (Legacy):
Silk Green/Black
DOB 1-10-2003
Floated to NJ on the Aida
Arrived at Patrick MINI, delivered to me 1-31-03
Member #45 Chicago MINI Motoring Club, 2003
Current mileage 153000K
Ice Mods:
Standard factory CD and radio
Premium, Winter
Exterior Mods:
White side markers
Chrome grille
Chrome intake grills
Grille badge holder and 20 badges
Stub antenna
Interior Mods:
Black leatherette seats
Euro shelf and cubby utility holder
Two MINI Motoring hearts on dash
MOTD 2006 silver marker
Drivetrain Mods:
RSpeed exhaust added in 2003
Suspension Mods:
Standard factory
Wheels and Tires:
First tires were factory Dunlop run-flats
Subsequent tires Potenza, Zeix, 2 Kumho (current)
Kazera 16" wheels in 2003
Sport Edition 16" wheels in 2009
Original MINI wheels handle Blizzaks in winter

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