Make (Legacy):
Year (Legacy):
Model Year:
Classic Mini
Model (Legacy):
Mini 1000
Body style:
Chassis Code:
General Color:
Color (Legacy):
Power Blue
lots of mods to Cooper s, all Mini

Disc Brakes, larger engine (1275), cooling, rear sway bar, Transmission, lots of stuff - will update more when I think about it.
Ice Mods:
shot of my radio under the rear seat. I have a aux line going to the dash where I plug My iPod into. I control everything from my iPod. It works great.
I am not going there
Interior Mods:
I am trying to keep the interior stock. I did install a radio under the rear seat but I can remove it in 10 seconds. Plus no one even knows its there. I made a panel for my tach and some switches. Again I didn't want to drill or cut into anything. What ever I do I can undo it. I will post a better interior shot later.
Drivetrain Mods:
I know I have a few pictures of the current setup for the engine. This one is old,
Suspension Mods:
rear sway bar. I am doing a Hi-Low kit this winter. I need more picture options.
Wheels and Tires:
don't seem to have any just wheel and Tire shots. When I get some I will post. 10 in minilights with yoko 008 tires

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