R53 Cooper S Lucy

Model Year:
Body style:
Chassis Code:
General Color:
  • History:
    I bought my MINI used at the end of July 2008 from a dealer. Drove it for over a year without doing any mods to it. Had my R84 wheels painted a dark gun metal color that is the same color of brake dust (except shiny) and that really made it look nice for stock. Put some new tires on, BFGoodrich G-Force KDW 2's (with the new tread design) and that made a HUGE difference in handling, they are awesome in any road condition (except snow). Then I upgraded the spark plugs, wires, and coil pack, plus an Alta V2 15% reduction pulley, and Craven Speed CAI. Also added Halo Projector HID's, front grille badge holder w/ magnetic badge, Craven Speed stubby antenna, replaced the "Cooper S" logo with the "R53" logo, Ireland Engineering Fixed Camber Plates, and Tein SS Coilovers (along with all new ball joints, front and rear LCA's, wheel bearings, bushings, brakes, and wheel carriers). Recently added the Group 4 Autosports Sport Touring Exhaust. Definitely made a difference in power and it sounds amazing!

    I want to get some bigger injectors, Hsport front sway bar, NM Engineering rear sway bar, M7 strut tower bar, M7 rear chassis brace, and TSW XBrace
  • Drivetrain Mods:
    -NGK spark plugs (colder range)
    -9mm Plug Wires
    -Screamin' Demon coil pack
    -Alta V2.0 15% reduction pulley
    -Craven Speed CAI
    -Samco Intake Tube
    -MINI Mania Intercooler Bellows
    -Group 4 Autosports Sport Touring Exhaust
    Suspension Mods:
    Ireland Engineering Fixed Camber Plates
    Tein SS Coilovers
    New wheel carriers (painted blue)
    New lower control arms (painted blue)
    New inner and outer ball joints
    New wheel bearings
    Powerflex bushings
    Texas Speed Werks rear control arms
    ATE Slotted Rotors
    EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads
    Wheels and Tires:
    -R84 wheels painted gun metal (paint code "M1527U") with Yokohama Avid Envigors all around
    -Custom Painted Acura GSR "Fat Fives" rims (winter)
  • Packages:
    Cold Weather Package, Sports Package, Premium Package, Navigation System, Harmon Kardon Sound System, Chrome Package, ASC (All-Season Traction Control), Sport Suspension Plus
    Exterior Mods:
    -Halo Projector HID's
    -"SLOW TRAFFIC MOVE RIGHT -->" windshield sticker
    -Front grille badge holder w/ "Yes it's fast! No you can't drive." badge
    -Blacked out grille, headlight ring, and mirror caps
    -Airbag warning label replacements with Perma-Grin labels
    Interior Mods:
    -Stock Navigation System
    -Harmon Karmon Sound System
    -2011 Seat Cover conversion
    -Hyper Blue MINI shift knob (bought the last one left in the country!)
  • Ice Mods:
    -Replaced the front H/K speakers with Infinity 2ohm 100W rms since the stock ones blew
    -Replaced the iPod adapter with the aux plug
    -Have an interface with the navigation system to add in 2 video inputs, one which runs my Android Mini PC which runs my music through the AUX connection and runs the Torque Pro app (with a wired OBDII adapter) so I can monitor everything about my MINI in real time

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