MINI Mindy

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  • History:
    My MINI story.

    My story begins in the year 1999 (Age 13), the French teacher at my high school drive a bright yellow classic Mini to school almost everyday. The moment I saw it, I wanted one... someday.

    2001 (Age 15) - MINIs were available in the US! I started seeing them around and my obsession was in full force. I didn't even have a driver's permit yet and I was configuring new MINIs on the website several times a year. I wanted Electric Blue.

    I lost interest towards the middle of high school. I was busy and I didn't even have a driver's license yet. My MINI days seemed far away.

    2005 (Age 19) - I graduated high school, got a job and finally got my driver's license. My parents gave me my mom's 1993 pearl green Honda Civic to drive, but I wanted a MINI. I began configuring them on the website again - now they came in purple! Purple Haze with white stripes is what I wanted... but I was stuck in a dull barely-green Civic with college to pay for.

    The next year Purple Haze was discontinued. :(

    As time went on I had my eye set on Laser Blue with white stripes. By then the car had a name, Mindy.

    2008 (Age 22) - We went to the Pittsburgh Auto Show, as we usually do - My dad is a mechanic so I've always been a car-girl. I spent about an hour sitting in a MINI playing with the controls.

    2009 (Age 23) - I graduated college. But couldn't quite afford a MINI yet. But I talked about Mindy constantly, as if I was picking her up tomorrow. I got a grown-up job that fall, complete with a 35 mile each-way commute. My '93 Civic just wasn't cut out for 70 miles of high-way speeds 5 days a week so I needed a 'new' car. A MINI was still in my mind. But now Mindy had turned from Laser Blue to Oxygen Blue - I didn't need an S. I saw an Oxygen Blue in person and loved it, such a unique color. I decided I'd buy a winter car, a 2001 civic, and save up to buy my MINI in the summer.

    Valentine's Day, 2010 - My boyfriend bought me a MINI model to build which fueled my MINI obsession again. Summer was getting close, I had to plan! I joined forums and read them daily - and it is a good thing too. There was a rumor that Oxygen Blue was discontinued - I was devastated. I called MINI of Pittsburgh almost in tears to see if it was true. It was true. You could no longer order Oxygen Blue - but they said they might be able to find me one.

    February 25th, 2010 - I went to the dealership to see what they could find. They were able to find 1 Oxygen Blue with 90% of the options I wanted. It was still in the factory but promised to another dealer in another state for inventory - But they could call and see if they could have it shipped to Pittsburgh for me instead. (I later found out that this is Mindy's official birthdate - so she was driving off the production line while I was putting down a deposit.) My MINI would be here in a month, three months before I had planned.

    March 20th, 2010 - I picked Mindy up from the dealer. My first time driving her home was also my first time driving IN Pittsburgh - I was always afraid of driving in the city.

    Mindy and I like to spend our time motoring to work, hanging out with the PittStopMINI Club, and participating in BRMSCC TSD Rallies.
  • Suspension Mods:
    ALTA 19mm Adjustable Rear Swaybar
    TSW Sport Springs
    H-Sport Rear Camber Links
    Wheels and Tires:
    17x7 White Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2s
    Black Jack Centercaps
    Black Jack Valve Stem Caps
  • Packages:
    Premium, Convenience, Cold Weather
    Exterior Mods:
    White Mirror Caps
    White Roof
    White Bonnet Stripes
    Black Jack Side Scuttles
    Stubby Antenna
    Clear Side Marker Lenses
    Tinted Side Trim Reflectors
    Black Jack Sunroof Graphic
    De-badge boot
    MAC MINI License Plate
    Apple Logo Graphic
    Let's Motor License Plate Frame
    Apple Sticker
    MINI Car Fun Offset Grille Badge
    Orsam Diadem Turn Signal Bulbs
    Removed Orange Turn Signal Lens
    JCW-style Honeycomb Grille
    Interior Mods:
    Rubber Floor Mats
    Sport Seats - Checkered Cloth
    Black Jack Glove Box Button Graphic
  • Ice Mods:
    harmon/kardon Sound
    120GB iPod Classic

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