R56 Cooper Mini 9

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  • 145EFD1A-4EED-410F-9257-98E1F88AB040.jpeg 8EC8C9BB-864B-4F97-89A6-6E9A670D3ABF.jpeg AAB3841B-7F98-48C5-9285-AD48D74C3D2F.jpeg D39CC29A-374E-401D-BC38-E811ED72C1B8.jpeg This is my story and I’m sticking to it!
    Ok week before hurricane I saw the ad on Craig’s List so it was on for 29 days and I emailed the seller and YES she still had it!
    Wow I couldn’t believe she did still have car?
    So she was asking $4k for a 2012? Hmmm? Something fishy? Well I drove the 70 miles to look and to my surprise it was mint! She said selling as-is because she had it looked at and nobody could fix the issue and said maybe head? I said to myself well that’s about $2k so I offered her $2k and she said ok! I said to myself wow I’m stealing this car! I had to pick it up after the hurricane and it made it through with no damage and I had it towed to my mini specialist and wala! It was water pump, thermostat and water pipe and I had him change oil and coil packs and plugs!
    $1700 later I’m in it for $3700 and now the mods come! First Konig’s 15x7’s with Hankook Ventus V4 175/55R15! And K&N full air mod and vent visors and a rear hatch full interior change and some nice stripes coming!
  • Wheels and Tires:
    Konig’s 15x7 with Hankook Ventus V4 175/55R15

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