MINI Monty

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  • History:
    I had wanted a MINI for years but due to life circumstances, previously bought other, not-so-fun (but functional) vehicles. Finally, after driving a Honda Odyssey for years (ick), I realized how ridiculous it was spending so much time commuting back and forth to work by myself in a people hauler.

    So in April 2014, I took my happy butt to Niello MINI. I had originally intended to order the F56 but was not thrilled with the new look, lack of availability of Chili Red, and the disappearance of the ginormous center speedometer that I find so quirky and fun.

    I saw this particular MCS on the lot, and although it wasn't *exactly* what I wanted, it was pretty darn close. So I test drove it (wee!) and brought it home that day. This is the very first car that I've ever purchased specifically for me that was what *I* wanted, and I love it!

    As of November 2014 my 4- and 6-year old girls have decided collectively that my Mini's full name should be "Monterey Candy Cane." How could I possibly argue with two little kids who probably love my Mini has much as I do? It's shortened to "Monty" at the suggestion of a Cap City Mini member to tone down the awkwardness. :D
  • Drivetrain Mods:
    Cravenspeed oil dipstick - just because I got tired of shoving the stock dipstick back in.
    NM Engineering cat-back exhaust
    Suspension Mods:
    Powerflex front lower control arm bushings
    Koni Sport Shocks
    Swift Spec-R Springs
    H-Sport Competition Rear Sway Bar
    Wheels and Tires:
    Stock, for now...
  • Packages:
    Premium Package
    Exterior Mods:
    Cravenspeed Stubby Antenna
    Mini Fini hood scoop grill (what's up with the stock one?)
    GoBadges - a variety of dorky ones ;)
    Lots and lots of squished insects
    Interior Mods:
    CoCoMats (front, back, and boot) in black & red
    Proclip smart phone mount
  • Ice Mods:
    My playlist :D
    I also am directionally challenged and get lost a lot, which can be pretty entertaining....maybe not so much for my passengers though... ;)

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