R53 Cooper S Moxie Mini

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  • History:
    Bought salvaged in Feb, 2015 for $2,800 and resurrected her from the dead. It was involved in a front end fender bender where both airbags deployed and bent axle. It has a salvaged title, but so what! I ain't selling it (only reason why anyone would care) and have just about restored her to the way she was before the wreck. It has been fun putting her back into service and surprisingly haven't spent that much money to do so. I spent way less on parts than it would've cost to buy a used Gen1 MCS un-wrecked at the time of purchase. Before Moxie, I've never worked on a car before and I've learned a lot!

    As of this Garage update (Feb 2016), Moxie is a current work in progress and my daily driver for the past year. I have kids and that means I don't have a lot of money to burn like some modders. I have saved a ton of money by doing all the work myself, shopping online for deals, and by buying salvaged parts when buying new and overpriced from Mini wasn't feasible. Goal on Moxie is for a classic look inside with updated styling on the outside and a surprise sleeper under the bonnet with tasteful and practical mods. Like you, I've read a ton of forum posts and looked at a ton of Minis. Just as she is now, she's already one of a kind. :)
  • Drivetrain Mods:
    Stock besides came w/ 16% Alta SC pulley (for now)
    Replaced radiator - Guy I bought Mini from installed. Wouldn't buy it unless he fixed to where I could test drive it & drive it home. Price would've been $2,600 so added $200 to cost)

    Replaced passenger drive axle (New (not remanufactured, but not OEM) from Amazon for $200)

    Replaced Cracked coolant overflow reservoir (ECS $60)

    Intake Air Filter (NAPA $15)

    Charcoal AC Filter (NAPA $30)


    Still contemplating lots of upgrades, But for sure:

    Radiator housing - last thing need to replace from wreck but can wait - only one crack (from ebay $100)

    DDMworks Intake

    Silicone hoses all around

    Miltek exhaust

    OEM heater core - Don't think current one is putting out all the heat it should. TG for heated seats!

    OEM GP Intercooler Ok maybe I'm just dreaming here. It's ridiculous what they want for one these days!
    Suspension Mods:
    Stock (for now)

    Have steep angle driveway so can't lower :(
    Wheels and Tires:
    S-Lite came with (bought one from WMW b/c curbed $80)

    R98 Web Spoke ($300 used set from Craigslist now one toast)

    4 New Kumho Ecsta AST 215/45 R17s (Discount tire $420)

    R112 17" Gloss Black Challenge Wheels - in process of putting on (only have 2 so far - $200/ea from Craigslist)

    Tires ???

    15" onboard functional spare to get rid of runflats (from WMW for $118)(spare holder bag from Minimania $50)

    Tire Jack, bag, & iron - didn't come w/ Mini (used from WMW $40)

    Front end alignment $60


    Turner Motorsport 12x1.5 Full Thread Wheel Stud 90mm (TMS $111)

    Muteki Chrome Short Closed End Locking Lug Nuts ($96) Think will look great against gloss black R112 Challenge wheels and they are locks also!


    BBK ???
  • Packages:
    Fog, Heated Seats, Leather, Sunroof, Cruise control
    Exterior Mods:
    Replaced passenger fender (got used from ebay w/ factory matching paint for $60)

    Replaced wrecked bumper carrier (got used from WMW for $100)

    Replaced both broken front turn indicators (ECS $30 for both)(Chrome bulbs WMW $29)

    Smoked side markers w/ chrome bulbs (ebay from Greece for $20) These ones look OEM and better than the brittle clear ones I replaced.

    New OEM A pillar trim pieces (ECS $40/ea). Were missing on both sides when bought Mini.

    OEM like smoked front side markers (not film coated) (new from Ebay for $30)


    OEM Tail lights (Euro maybe)

    2006 HID headlights

    Aero grille kit

    Aero front bumper cover

    Aero side skirts

    Aero wiper upgrade
    Interior Mods:
    Replaced Gravity leather (Panther Black) heated front & rear seats w/ English Leather Seats (Carbon Black) from wrecked 2010 MC (heater pads came off old seats) (Ebay $700 for all) They look and feel awesome - worth every penny!

    2010 Clubman 3 point steering wheel (to replace outdated looking 2 point w/ multifunction controls b/c airbag deployed so had to get a new used one anyway) and gloss black horn ring w/ rewired working salvaged airbag. Looks so much better in Carbon Black with refined, simpler styling - should have came from factory this way! (got used from ebay $120) (that's what just the Multi controls cost from Mini!)

    Replaced smashed tach from deployed airbag (got used from ebay for $40 w/ chrome ring) (that's what just the chrome ring costs new from Mini)

    OEM Chrome trim all around (looks classy w/ wood dash - new from ECS $100)

    Salvaged OEM passenger airbag (from another wrecked Mini on ebay $120)

    OEM Burl walnut shift knob (ECS $80)

    OEM Wood dash interior trim kit bought on clearance to replace original b/c deployed airbag. I don't care what you think - I like it! (ECS $160 for all 5 pieces)

    Stainless pedal inserts - weren't included on early MCSs (used from ebay - all 3 for $90)

    Mini Fini cup holder - Best idea ever - $ priceless!

    Down tubes painted Carbon Black

    OEM Cordoba floor mats (ECS $40)

    Checkered cup coasters (Ebay $10)

    Checkered door inserts (Minimania $30)


    Napa leather Carbon black armrests, shift, & brake boot - Can't stand all the Panther Black on the interior - Yuk!

    Cordoba carpet - again to get rid of all the crappy Panther Black (grey). It's my Mini and I just don't like it and no matter how clean I try to keep it, it just always looks outdated and dirty!

    2013 OEM Carbon Black center armrest (not the silver or anthracite one - being picky I know).

    Those awesome but super expensive checkered coconut husk floor mats.

    LED light upgrade all around.

    New OEM windshield - has a small crack and 14 years of pitting.
  • Ice Mods:
    JVC Sound system with 16GB USB drive - came with this system (ok for now)
    Kenwood speakers


    Kenwood w/ Garmin Nav, rear bu camera, phone sync, HD & Sat radio

    Maybe a carputer using same screen.

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