MINI Newton (Euell's R56)

Make (Legacy):
Year (Legacy):
Model Year:
Model (Legacy):
Cooper R56
Body style:
Chassis Code:
General Color:
Color (Legacy):
British Racing Green
Final Assembly Point : Oxford, England
Point of Entry (USA) : Jersey City, NJ
Took Delivery : Dec 24, 2008 from Crown MINI in Richmond VA
First Mod : Replaced Lower Front Speakers, Dec 2008
Second Mod: Replaced Upper Front Speakers, Jan 2009
Third Mod: Added Sub Feb 2009
Fourth Mod: Added Rear Speakers and Dynamat March 2009
Fifth Mod: Added Boot Stripes March 2009
Six Mod: Added AmazingRando's AutoSport module May 2009
Seventh Mod: Added VIP Driving Light Mounts and Hella 500 Rally Lights June 2009
Eighth Mod: Added Kenwood KAC8405 4 Channel 720 watt amp and NewMiniStuff Loom Jan 2012
Ninth Mod: Covered Door and Center armrests with Italian Leather from Redline March 2012
Tenth Mod: Added DDM Intake March 2012
Eleventh Mod: Add NM Torque Arm Inserts April 2012
Twelveth Mod: Covered Headrests with Italian Leather from Redline April 2012
Thirteenth Mod: Hotchkis H-Sport 19mm sway bar installed at MOTD by WMW May 2012
Fourteenth Mod: SprintBooster July 2012
Fifteenth Mod: Enkei PF01 Wheels with Yokahama Avid Envigors Dec 2012
Sixteenth Mod: VIP Cold Air Tube Dec 2012
Seventeenth Mod: Hella Supertone Horns Jan 2013
Eighteenth Mod: Cooper S Rear Spoiler Feb 2013
Nineteenth Mod: Focal Integration IS 165, JL Audio CP106LG-W3v3 Subwoofer, Audiopipe APSM-1300 1000W Mono Amp Nov 2013
Ice Mods:
Infinity Reference 6022si 6.5" 3-way speakers (Front Lower)
Infinity Reference 3022si 3.5" 2-way speakers (Front Upper)
Infinity Reference 9623i 6"x9" 3-way speakers (Rears)
SSL Soundstorm USS8 Powered 8" Sub
Kenwood KAC8405 4 Channel 720 watt amp
Griffin Auto Pilot iPhone interface
XMp3i Satellite Radio
Packages: Premium / Sport / Cold Weather Mods: DDMWorks Intake / NM Torque Arm Inserts / Redline Italian Leather Armrests and Boots Sound: Infinity Reference 6022si, 3022sf ,9622i / SSL Soundstorm USS8 Sub, Kenwood KAC8405 4 Channel 720 watt amp
Exterior Mods:
White Bonnet Stripes
White Turn Signals
White Boot Stripes
VIP Driving Light Mounts
Hella 500 Rally Lights
Hella Supertone Horns
Interior Mods:
Center Arm Rest
Brushed Alloy Surfaces
LED lighting
Dynamat rear interior
Redline Italian Leather Headrests and Boots
GoBadges BlackJack Armrests, Headrest Pillows, Seat Covers, Door Pulls and Radio Badge
Drivetrain Mods:
Dual overhead Cam 1.6 liter, 16 valve inline 4 cylinder, 118 hp, DDM Cold Air Intake, VIP Cold Air Tube, NM Torque Arm Inserts
Suspension Mods:
Hotchkis H-Sport 19mm sway bar
Wheels and Tires:
Yokohama Avid Envigors
Enkei PF01 Racing Wheels

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