Nini Cooper

Make (Legacy):
Year (Legacy):
Model (Legacy):
Hot Chili S
Color (Legacy):
Astro Black
This is my second turbo, but after my MK5 GTI, the next car was the mini cooper cabrio with an automatic tranny, dont like that tranny, ok, is really nice to drive in lazy mode haha but I wanted power again and the answer is my Nini Cooper!

Ice Mods:
Stock Mini Boost (here the 2007 hot chili s model doesnt came with the h/k sound) 2008+ brings it.
redwood leather
Exterior Mods:
Astro black
Front and Rear JCW bumpers
Headlights and taillights rings in matte black.
Grill and rear license plate lip in matte black.
Roof and side mirrors in vynil red.
Interior Mods:
Redwood leather interior.
Prosport Evo Boost gauge.
JCW CF Shiftknob.

Boost gauge working.
Drivetrain Mods:
K&N Filter.

Turbo JCW.

Downpipe 3''
exhaust sound video:
Suspension Mods:
Wheels and Tires:
Maxxis MA-Z1 205/45/17

BBS RS R90 17''

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