Other Olivia

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Body style:
Chassis Code:
General Color:
  • History:
    Purchased Dec 2007
    Sold Nov 2010

    Another Great vehicle. Very dependable. Towing capibility like you wouldnt believe. Asked U-haul for the biggest trailer it could safely pull when moving, they okayed me a 12ft trailer, I had them make sure they had listed the right vehicle. It handled the large trailer with no issues. Suprizingly it was slightly more expensive on insurance then my Jetta. Also, it holds resale value pretty well too!
  • Exterior Mods:
    Removed the tint from the windows eventually. Thats it.
    Interior Mods:
    All factory, the stereo in Subaru's arent that great but would rather deal with that than the misaligned after market install kits available at the time.

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