R53 Cooper S Patrick

Model Year:
Body style:
Chassis Code:
General Color:
  • History:
    Bought used driven everywhere its love when he works hate when dosent.
  • Drivetrain Mods:
    15% Alta V1 Pulley, RMW Short header,
    Miltek catback, RMW Super race cam RMW head
    RMW tune, DDM Intake, Ireland Engineering Motor mount inserts and Arp Rod bolts.
    Suspension Mods:
    Jic Cross Coilovers, Alta 22MM 3 way rear sway
    GP aluminum trailing arms.
    Powerflex front control arm bushings and Rear trailing arm bushings
    Some new ball joints.
    R56 brakes with Hawk HPS pads.
    Wheels and Tires:
    Stock R98s Custom Gouged by Big O tire
    with Falken Ziex tires Also for sale less than 100 miles on them.
    Running on Kosei K1 16x7.5 Hankook RS2s
  • Packages:
    Exterior Mods:
    Stock Wheels tires R56 brakes lowered.
    Interior Mods:
    Stock, Scan Gauge II, Auto Meter Boost Gauge
    Parcel Shelf.
  • Ice Mods:

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