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  • History:
    My high school dream car, literally was a poster on my wall.
    If only I had used my heart to pick a car earlier instead of my brain.... The only downside here is now I need beaters for the winter... but still cheaper than trading every few months trying to find one that makes sense for my situation and that I fall in love with.
  • Exterior Mods:
    Found a seller on craigslist selling OEM 18' factory wheels, OEM Sap grille inserts, 2006 OEM taillights (black back housing/clear lense). Not the way I purchased it/ but only put OEM parts/ optional equipment at time of purchase (though the tail lights werent available for 2005.

    Aside from the few stock options I wished were on it when i bought it, (i.e. the things I mentioned before I got of craigslist) and a JHP gauge set. Dont see myself modding this car. Least till its time for a new engine, would like an LS7 427 CID 505HP assuming i have enough saved when the time comes. Maybe the new Camaro 6 speed. But happy with the LS2 for the time being.
  • Ice Mods:
    muffer-less Dual pipes, 400hp, and a 6speed hows that for in-car entertainment

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