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Hot Chocolate
SKOOBY was bought in February 2012 from Byers Subaru Used Cars (Columbus, OH), who gave me a fantastic trade-in deal. How could I NOT buy this car when I have wanted one of these every since seeing one just like it at the Clubman introduction breakfast at MAG several years ago. Timing was just right, and since then we have been a 2-Mini husband is Crashton/BluBrit, aka Chuck Ashton. SKOOBY was the license plate for my old Subaru Turbo Forester, and it has worked equally as well on this vehicle. Although I love stick shifts, this automatic has shift points just where I would have wanted to do them myself! LOVE IT!!!
Ice Mods:
Stock HiFi radio turned up too loud
Exterior Mods:
This car didn't need anything extra from us to make it wonderful. Chuck, however, insisted on putting dark tints on the back windows and the glass panel in the roof. I objected, based on the fact that it is MY car, but he claimed he didn't want a sunburn on his head.

Outmotoring stubby antenna
Outmotoring license plate frames
Interior Mods:
Nothing needed inside by us either. I LOVE my seat heaters...have them going all year round, and it makes my back feel so good.

Some coding by Eric & blue haired Mike of Helix.
Euro flasher
Fogs with high beams
Heart beat tach
Power off delay
Drivetrain Mods:
Mr Dimple's magnetic drain plug
Suspension Mods:
Stock suspenders
Wheels and Tires:
Four Bridgestone BLIZZAK WS70's for winter...and for summer I have four Continental Run Flats. No one except me seems to like those, but I find them to be just my style...wonder what that says about my driving....

The run rocks are gone!!!
Replaced by Kumho 4x all season tires 205-50-16. Smooooth....

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