SM Autox MINI aka "Nippy"

Make (Legacy):
Year (Legacy):
Model (Legacy):
Cooper S
Color (Legacy):
Dark Silver
Purchased 6/6/06 as the second owner
Ice Mods:
The car IS the entertainment..
Sport, Premium
Exterior Mods:
Bug splatters, dents, rock chips, cone marks and dirt
.. and the occasional sticker for good measure
Interior Mods:
Alta Short Shifter
No Rear Seats
Hotwheels Classic Mini on the dash.. for +hp
Drivetrain Mods:
Generic 15% Supercharger Pulley
Cusco 1.5 way Clutch Pack LSD
JCW Intake
JCW GP Intercooler
Newman Cam (for now)
RMW Race Exhaust (with modifications)
Home-brew ported Cylinder Head
Suspension Mods:
JIC Cross Coilovers / Camber Plates
Ireland Engineering Rear Control Arms
Hotchkis 25.5mm Hollow Rear Anti-Sway Bar
Alta PSRS Control Arm Bushings
Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads
Stock Cabrio Braces
M7 Strut Tower Brace
Wheels and Tires:
Holies (not pictured)
Some kind of ancient all-seasons with no traction

15x8 949Racing gen 2 6ULs (12.1 lbs)
Bridgestone RE-11 in 205x50x15
(next street tire: Hankooks)

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