MINI Sonic

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  • History:
    I got this MINI by the grace of God. Had been casually looking for a more reliable car when my parents mentioned they saw a MINI in town. Went to look for it, it wasn't there. Bummed I looked online and found the exact one they described for sale at a great price! Immediately went back to look, it was parked in the back but had appeared to be sold :-(. Gave up, but by God's miraculous work I happened to eat a restaurant next door, the next day with the company I was working for that summer. After lunch, I saw the beauty parked out front for the owner to come pick up. Thought, what the heck I'll check it out one last time. As I drove by I saw a for sale sign in the dash. I immediately stopped and went inside. I asked the first person I saw if the MINI was for sale. They said yes, confusing story. It was owned by a lady who had two other beamers so she hardly ever drove it (5,000 miles on the OD). It was bought for her by her husband with all kinds of features. They got a divorce and she remarried. She happened to marry the ex-owner of that particular dealership. He obviously didn't want to keep the car, so he took it to the dealership and said get rid of it. They put it up for sale at $23k online and $25k walk on. The ex-owner a day or two later realized it was really worth $28k and wanted it back (hence why it was for sale one day and not the next). Dealership said I guess so and was going to do an even swap back. The ex-owner never showed up again so they put it back up for sale (the day I drove over after lunch). So with that said I began the process to buy the car in about two days total. It doesn't end there. The day I bought it there were two solid offers from two high end people. Both were turned down because we were in the process of "trying" to buy it. One of those offers that was turned down... $25k CASH! If that's not a great, reliable, gift given by God's grace, I don't know what is!
  • Drivetrain Mods:
    ITG performance air filter for JCW; JCW intake flap removal; Exhaust silencer/resonator removal;
    Wheels and Tires:
    Silver 16"x7" Rota RB wheels with polished lip wrapped in some Continental ExtremeContact DWS All Season Tires
  • Packages:
    Exterior Mods:
    3rd brake light smart pulsar; Shorty Antenna; Magnetic grill badge holder;
    Interior Mods:
    Auto Up Window Circuit;

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