MINI "The Blue Demon"

Make (Legacy):
MINI Cooper
Year (Legacy):
Model Year:
Model (Legacy):
JCW GP #0936
Body style:
Chassis Code:
General Color:
Color (Legacy):
Thunder Blue / Silver roof
This car ran twice at the Bonneville Salt flats and achieved 135.6 on the 1 mile course and 143.8 on the 2-mile course. It ran 137.7 at the Mojave standing mile and has run track events at Willow Springs and Thunder Hill raceways.
Exterior Mods:
Front canards & aero grille are only mods
Interior Mods:
Full roll cage with estinguisher mounted.

Methanol tank.
Drivetrain Mods:
RMW ported big valve head... Grand-Am cam, bigger injectors, headers and free-flow cat.
Methanol injection.
RMW tuned to 270 wheel horsepower.

Aux. Oil cooler.
Suspension Mods:
Aluminum trailing arms

Ohlin fully adjustable coil-overs.

Carbon fiber strut tower brace.

JCW calipers on Brembo rotors with HAWK ceramic pads and 2.5" brake ducts mounted to calipers
Wheels and Tires:
18" GP wheels with Nittos for street and

Motegi 14 lb. Tracklite 17" x 8" wheels with 225/40-17 Hoosier R-6 slicks for track

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