Other the g_ddamn black thing (named by X girlfriend)

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    I am the original owner of this car. I have also been customizing scc`s for a long time, and am one of Nathans many friends, and one of the few that will admit it..( lol gnat) It was originally a show car for a car stereo store. A very heavy very loud toy. Several times in its life it has been redone. this is build 3....the beginning...this build was due to a wreck that numerically totaled the car six times, however all was cosmetic, and an excuse to rebuild...and this time for show, and go..These shots were taken after the first assembly and are three years old...since we have disassembled and reassembled the car, with some added fun...more stuff to follow.. this car had a lot of help in build 3...those are xmas gift headlamps courtesy of Gnat.(and a valentine one...again thanks Gnat)..and with many fine friends, and donations, the final product is quite unique, its just not a mini guys, and gals...perhaps one day...:)
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    EIP Tuning, stage 3, nitrous,LSD,ABS

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