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    In 2009 we were looking to replace our '95 Civic, my wife wanted to check out our options rather than simply replacing it with another Civic. I was hoping to find something with good gas mileage and was fun to drive. Mind you at that time I was a muscle car lover so anything less than a V8 would more than likely not be "fun" to drive. Or so I thought.

    First stop was a Smart for Two. We looked but didn't test drive it.

    Second stop was the MINI dealership. We test drove a Cooper and it was okay. Test drove the Cooper S. Boy did it have some get up and go on the on-ramp to the interstate. So, it was attractive, had good gas mileage, had some oomph, could fit four in a pinch, could fit a lot of stuff in it when the seats were down. Yeah, we signed the papers the next day.

    Granted it wasn't until we went with HPMS to the Ozarks that I found out what "fun" really was. My mind was blown at how it handled. I'm now a MINI cultist.

    (In 2011 we traded it in for a Clubman.)
  • Packages:
    Auto A/C, Punch Leather seats

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