Make (Legacy):
Year (Legacy):
Model (Legacy):
Cooper S
Color (Legacy):
Liquid Yellow/Black
Born on August 30, 2003. First cruise on the Tosca in September 2003 and survived Hurricane Isabel during that time. Adopted on August 24. First road trip was on September 25, 2003 to Chesapeake, Va, and then to Nags Head, NC. Dragon Veteran since 2004. Drove the first MTTS in 2007 from Indianapolis to Conneticut. Travelled to most of the states east of the Mississippi.
Sport Cold
Exterior Mods:
Viper Stripes
Spiders on Doors
Blacked out trim
Black ASA Wheels
Interior Mods:
Parcel Shelf
Black Guages
Custom Spider Web shift and Brake Boots
Custom Walen shift knob
Ian Cull Auto-up windows mod
Coming soon: Rear seat delete
Drivetrain Mods:
15% S/C Pulley
Alta Cold Air intake
upgraded plugs and wires
Suspension Mods:
H-Sport 19mm sway bar
Wheels and Tires:
Black ASA Wheels
Silver S-Lites

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