• History:
    11-04 Production, owned since new, Picked up 12-23-2004!!
    Driven since NEW!!
  • Drivetrain Mods:
    RMW Tuned...200 Hp
    Craven -17% Pulley
    ATI Superdamper...idles SMOOTHER THAN NEW!!
    Dinan drone, nive whine when you get into it!!
    JCW 380's injectors
    MSD Ignition
    Power Steering Fan Duct-SAVE THE FAN, and keep it all cool!!
    Suspension Mods:
    H&R 19 MM Swaybar-just right for the street/Daily-driver IMO
    Craven Speed STD Gotta Prevent shrooms!!
    Koni FSD's-Great ride, good handling!!
    Wheels and Tires:
    General UHP's summer on stock 16's Cheap, pretty decent!!
    Pirelli Winter p-210 Snowsports, 195-60r15 (H rating)mounted on a cheap set of 15" alloys (Primamax-Tuner)..for winter...It snows a ton in NH!!
    Also a set of 2013 15' cooper rims 185-width Touring tires...great for commuting, but car really NEEDS more rubber..but still AMAZINGLY fun with limited traction....
  • Packages:
    Premium, Convenience, Including Chrome,chrono gauge and Xenon lights!
    Exterior Mods:
    Brake Light PULSAR(gen2)
    invisishield protection for front bumper and bonnet
    Interior Mods:
    Ian Cull's Auto-Up Circuit-best first Mod!
    LightInSight -great to see traffic lights!!
    Min-speed drivers side leather leg padding-Great for long drives!
    "EURO" MINI Armrest..pulled from the US market...but still great!!
    Euro Parcel Shelf-great extra storage!!
    LED interior lighting...caue I could!!
  • Ice Mods:
    Blitzsafe/xmradio-OEM look, but XM for a fraction of the OEM price!!

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