12mm Akata Hub centric Spacers and heat exchanger

Discussion in '1st Generation Parts For Sale' started by Tummi_Gummi, Jun 18, 2017.

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    Got a used 10k ish mile heat exchanger 40$ shipped. Cleaned and ready to ship. And 2 Akata 12mm(just under half inch) wheel spacers 4x100 56.1 hub centric with 9 longer wheel bolts I purchased the bolts from minimania and they were tightened once til I got my new coilover springs. The bolts are black and are the correct length given the added spacers. If anyone wants to stagger their mini or needs clearance ect these are great. Asking 100$ shipped for the spacers with the 9 bolts(bought a spare) so you are basically getting the bolts for free! These are great quality spacers so you won't have to sweat it when driving with them!

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