2nd Gen R56 Cooper S 2 Problems: P115c CEL and low oil pressure warning

Discussion in '2nd Generation: 2007+ R55 through R61' started by bluejae, Mar 12, 2013.

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    i've done some searching and found some answers but wanted to get some other tips if available.

    the p115c cel code is something i've had on and off. this was before i replaced the valve cover... i had some other codes that came on before but those are gone now and i seem to be getting this one only... at the time i had taken the stock airbox out and put a pipe with a k&n cone filter on it... a few days ago, i put everything back to stock... cleared the codes... and the code is still coming back... i'm going to try and clean the maf sensor with maf cleaner today and see if that helps.

    now the low oil pressure light only comes on certain turns i take. it doesn't have to be that hard, but i guess more aggressive than a stop and then turn... i looked up the symbol and it's low oil pressure and it says to stop immediately and take it to a dealership... instead i did some research and people have said to add oil... so i purchased some oil and then went to check the oil level... i found out trying to check the oil level on the mini is extremely difficult... that dipstick is incredibly hard to read... after doing everything i could... i just went ahead and added a full quart... i drove it around the next day and got the same message again during a turn... so what should i do now?
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    Check that oil level again or take it to a dealer or someone that can check it for you. The warning light doesn't usually come on till these engines are dangerously low on oil.
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    If that light is coming on you are damaging your engine. I'd guess you are still low on oil. As Nathan said check again.

    With the engine off. Wait a couple of mintes....

    Pull the dipstick & wipe it off with a clean paper towel.

    Reinsert dipstick.

    Pull the dipstick out & lay the end on a clean paper towel.

    The mark left on the towel is your oil level.

    I agree that distick is very hard to read. That is why I lay the end on a towel & look at the witness mark.

    Good luck & report back with what you've found.
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    Are you getting a cold start rattle in the mornings? I have found in the 2nd gen cars that this can be an indication of low oil levels. However if adding oil does not fix it it would be a tensioner problem.

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