(2) S-Lite Wheels with Tires - SOLD

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    (2) S-Lite Wheels with Tires

    I have two S-Lite 17" Rims in very nice shape that I would like to sell they have Federal 595 Tires on them with a little more than 50% Tire life left.

    I am asking 200.oo for the Rim/Tire Combo.

    Shipping would be via GreyHound and will cost 100.oo$

    I will also offer the other two rims w/o tires to the buyer of these rims for free if you need them. But only to that person. And you will have to pay Shipping on those rims (exact Cost).

    Center Caps ARE included.

    Help me pay for a tune, please.


    List Date: 10/15/2013

    For more info, click here to view the original listing: (2) S-Lite Wheels with Tires
    Item Has Been Sold.


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