1st Gen 2005 R53 Slicktop/6spd Semi-HPDE/AutoX Prepped - $2500

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    Year: 2005
    Make: MINI
    Model: Hardtop
    Price: $2800
    Mileage: 150000
    Color: Chili Red

    Hey all, I am looking to part-a-way with my 05 Chili Red R53 Slicktop 6 speed. 150k miles & $2800 OBO

    Only factory options are as follows:

    MFSW, Xenon and anthracite.

    I have owned the car since new and have extremely strong emotional attachment, as some may understand

    The only reason I am looking to sell is due to the fact the car has been sitting around not being enjoyed as much.

    With recent new job, I don't have much time to work on the car anymore.. My plan was to convert it into a HPDE / AutoX car.

    It has been through full front suspension parts refresh (Ball joints, tie rods), including driveshaft from DriveShaft Shop.

    Susoension replacement parts were all Lemford brand.

    For engine, I've also replaced many leaking points / worn parts, including the OEM intake runner and all the gaskets associated with it, dip stick seal, front crank seal, oil pan gasket, Ported/polished S/C with 15% pulley & new water pump.

    Radiator has been replaced with Mishimoto.

    All the replacement parts have around 1.5k miles on them since installed.

    For aftermarket modification,
    - MeisterR coilover from UK (10k miles)
    - SPC rear camber arms
    - Recaro SPG (Driver seat only)
    - Borla Race
    - Hsport rear sway bar
    - Wheels -> Advan RGI 16x7 x (3) BuddyClub P1 16x7 x (2)
    - TSW engine mount, powerflex trans bushings, lower engine mount bushings.
    - A/C delete with OEM delete pulley
    - R56S front brakes
    - JCW Steering wheel, shift knob
    - Rear spoiler / wiper delete

    I maybe missing couple other things but that is all that I can remember at the moment.

    The car drives great with dealer replaced clutch under warranty (Still has 110k miles on them but never an issue with it)

    Now to the cons:
    - MAJOR CON -> ***Passenger side curtain airbag deployed when the car slid on oil puddle at a shopping center parking lot (lower than 10mph impact), taken to then LuckyDog Garage in MD for full repair. Airbag was not replaced****
    - Hood dent (A women backed into the hood and ran........ at Starbucks...)
    - Cracked windshield
    - Cracked plastic radiator support (Zip-tied neatly and tucked away safely.. like an art)
    - Passenger side parking brake (I do have replacement parts)
    - There are a few other cosmetic issues
    - Oil filter housing gasket seaping
    - Engine fan (Low speed is shot)
    - Beneath weather strip surface rust

    Mechanically, it drives crazier than new, as you can imagine :)

    I am hoping to get it to someone who is looking for a project that is currently derivable with no issue, and will continue the conversion into a track rat or back road carver

    For more pictures:

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    Man that is tempting... very tempting. I’ll have to look at this more when I get home!
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    Sale pending at the moment

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