2006 MFSW Install

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    I have TWO of the MFSWs: the original OEM one (sans airbag) is in a moving box somewhere in the basement; and the JCW one (which was installed after the infamous sneezing accident) is currently installed on Schultze with the airbag deployed.

    I have been doing a LOT of internet research and although I don’t do much distance driving these days, I would still like to have the ability to control the radio.

    From what I’ve read online, people who decided to retrofit the MFSW for the Cruise Control function all stated that they achieved full use of the radio even without completing the cruise control install.

    The Kenwood KDC-BT378U that I installed yesterday includes the MFSW connectors.

    I’m hoping it will be a simple project* & perhaps a quick bit of reprogramming.

    *Yes, I know it will definitely require carefully following the instructions for removing the air bag & steering wheel.

    Has anyone here on M/A successfully completed a MFSW install, even if it wasn’t a retrofit project?

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