2010 Redline Time Attack Schedule

Discussion in 'Track Days & HPDE's' started by Paul Webster, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Paul Webster

    Paul Webster New Member

    Jul 2, 2009
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    Buttonwillow Raceway March 26th,28th
    New Jersey Motorsports Park April 10th,11th
    Las Vegas Speedway ( Outside Road Course ) April 23rd - 25th
    Auto Club Speedway May 29th – 30th
    Autobahn Country Club June 12th -13th
    Willow Springs Raceway July 2nd – 4th
    Spring Mountain September 24th – 26th (Tentative )
    Infineon Raceway October 23rd-24th
    Auto Club Speedway November 12th-14th

    They are working to secure 2 additional Eastern events, for a total of 11 Nationwide events in 2010!

    Get your calendar marked and hotels booked looks like an exciting season ahead with rumours off 3 MINI’s been entered at some of the venues in Stock, Street / Modified and Unlimited.

    Also we know that there is a 2.0 GP TVS that wants to venture on to the Big Road Courses this year .

    So who else out there in MA land is considering entering and which class?

    At the moment there are only 2009 rules to look at but it will give you an indication which class your MINI will fit in.


    Don’t forget sometimes is not all about winning but about taking part and the experience of it all, it’s a lot easier on the wallet that’s for sure.

    Will anyone be going to spectate and hang out?
  2. Mike

    Mike New Member

    May 4, 2009
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    I would definitely like to come out to watch at Buttonwillow and/or Willow Springs, both of which are near my house. I could be talked into helping someone with pit work, as well.
  3. goaljnky

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    Apr 7, 2009
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    I might see what my schedule is like for Willow and Buttonwillow. I just might run in the street class, or something.
  4. Muffy Motorhead

    Muffy Motorhead New Member

    Aug 24, 2009
    North Hollywood, CA
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    I heard that they sold the rights to the name after the end of the 2009 schedule.

    My question is are new people going to be organizing the events?

    I participated in two Time Attacks last year and they are so poorly run I am not planning on going back again any time soon unless serious changes are made. And their classification system is a joke. I like the Speed Ventures points system much better. At least it makes some sense to me. Unfortunately they don't have a full challenge series, yet, but we did have one challenge last December. And then you only have to compete against MINIs.

    Am looking to start competing in the NASA series. I heard they run good, organized events.

  5. M.Bonanni

    M.Bonanni New Member

    Jul 8, 2009
    North Las Vegas
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    2010 rules can be found here. Although we are still waiting on one section to be finalized.

    2010 Redline Time Attack Rules (FINAL) - Time Attack Forums

    Redline Time Attack recently got bought out by a group of investors and that means nothing but good things for the series. The investor group has TONS of years of professional motorsports experience in ROLEX, Grand Am, etc. and they are making A LOT of behind the scenes changes to help make this seasons events much better for competitors and fans. Up until this point the entire staff of RTA was pretty much volunteer based. Event the owners still had regular full time jobs and families. Now RTA has a whole staff of full time employees and that alone will make a big difference in organization and making the series better.

    Anyways, that being said, I am planning to be out at all of the West Coast events, but not in a MINI. I will be driving the Berk Technology Time Attack BMW 135i. Hope to meet some of you out there!

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