60,000 Miles Service - What to Check

Discussion in 'MINI' started by Promius, Mar 6, 2017.

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    Hello people

    My 2013 R56S is fast approaching 60K. Next Week I'm going to take it to the MINI dealer for an oil change which is covered under extended maintenance. They did breaks last time I was there.

    Other than the oil change, what services should I look into for preventive care for my baby? I was thinking of changing the spark plugs as this is something I can do myself (I don't have a drive way or garage sadly for other work). Should I have them check fluid levels or perform any fluid flushes/change

    Any preventive care tips are welcomed.

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    If you have an automatic I'd have them change the fluid. Don't buy into the lifetime fluid myth. If it is a manual I'd go a bit long, but still do the trans fluid change.

    Spark plugs are not a bad idea & yes you can do them yourself. OEM plugs are fine.

    There is a great sponsor on this site eMINIparts.com can get what you need at a friendly price. Good folks there.
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    At 60K I'd swap out everthing consumable including the belt, air freshener, cabin filter and maybe even brake pads while you're at it.
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    At 60,000 miles, or just before your warranty expires, I would have your MINI dealer go through the entire car, pay them an hour's labor to address any possible issues to be covered under the warranty. -- kind of like inspection 2 (do they still do that? )

    The dealer would inform you of any (if they are an honest dealership) common issues they have found and you need to verbally tell them to fix it and they will. If you don't say anything, they cannot bill the work back as warranty.

    When my car was coming up to warranty expiration, my dealer informed me that some people complained their sunroof rattled so I said "my sunroof appears to be developing a rattle" and they took the thing apart, cleared out the drain holes, lubed the rails and put it all back together under warranty. They also gave me a checklist of everything they checked.

    If they find anything and cover it under warranty, they discount part of the inspection cost and bill it back to MINI under warranty coverage.

    At least that's how my dealership did it before. Not sure if that's how they work anymore.
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    No mater what the dealer says change the plugs.

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